The women of Women in Caskets are laid to rest in Austin, TX where they follow the local tradition of keeping it weird. When they're not earning a buck somewhere, they can often be found watching, reading, and playing anything related to horror, suspense, and the things that go bump in the night.

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Jen Brown

Twitter:  @The_JenBrown

Twitter: @The_JenBrown

Jen Brown is a Latinx actor, podcaster, producer, director, writer and overall nerd extraordinaire. Jen was born in California and raised in San Antonio, Texas where she grew up doing theatre.

After attending the University of Oklahoma School of Drama, she moved to Austin where she co-founded and co-ran The Vestige Group theatre company.

Jen later turned her attention to commercials, film, and VO and she is most known for her work on several popular Rooster Teeth series (Red vs Blue, RWBY, Day 5 and more) as well as for being the voice of Harley Quinn for DCUO.

You can read more about Jen on her website HERE.

Dawn Humphrey

Twitter:  @dawnpuppet

Twitter: @dawnpuppet

Dawn Humphrey is a podcaster, critic, horror enthusiast, pop culture consumer, and a jack of many nerd activities. Dawn was born in Illinois, raised around the Rocky Mountain region, North Carolina, eventually settling in Austin, Texas.

A life-long performer, she graduated the University of Wyoming with a degree in Theatre and Dance before moving to Austin, TX where she joined and co-ran female-fronted Vestige Group theatre company acting as production manager, accountant, stage manger, and occasional designer.

When not at her day job, Dawn is working on writing projects including the So You Don’t Have To and editorial features of the podcast, running D&D games for her friends and occasionally streaming video games on Twitch.